Marmaduke Duke - Rubber Lover (Official Video)

WARNING: Excessive watching may cause a vague sexual attraction to crows and a strong urge to do all the acid.

fading-deadstar asked:
Do you know whether the B-Side 'City of Dreadful Night' has any relation to the poem with the same name by Scottish poet Robert Burns? As a literature and Biffy nut, I'm intrigued if you know.

The poem was actually written by James Thomson. And I’m reasonably sure they’re related someway, considering Simon’s love of wanky prose.


I took this girl (like 5’4’ 110 pounds) to a biffy clyro concert because tickets were only like $10 and I really liked that black chandelier song…..well let me tell you that that song is not very indicative of their entire career as a band.

I foresee this happening a lot more in the future


Bodies In Flight // Many Of Horror

the savage and dishonest attacks of simon on his own bandmates in the search of working mics

shadows-lies asked:
this might be a really dumb question but how are you getting the tracks you're posting? i've preordered the b sides but obviously i won't get it til monday :l i love your blog by the way! mon the biff

It was released yesterday (18/7/2014) in Germany. It’s also available for streaming on Spotify in many countries.

juiceman95 asked:
Hola! Could you please post the full album (similarities) on youtube? That would be a nice thing of you to do

I would but my account has a bunch of warning points on it after uploading those TITP videos. I’ve already uploaded all the new stuff, the new song and the HQ vinyl songs. All the other tracks can easily be found on Youtube. If not, message me and I’ll put them up.

Biffy Clyro - Break A Butterfly On A Wheel