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Two nights ago I went to see Mark Z. Danielewski perform and take part in Q&A at the Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester. He did three really cool things for me.

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Biffy Clyro are a really cool Scottish band consisting of Simon Neil, James Johnstone, Ben Johnstone, Josh Lowe and Lewis Ingram. ‘Mountains’ is my favourite song by them, along with ‘Bubbles’ and ‘God and Satan’. If you like Muse, The Killers or Kaiser Chiefs, you’ll like these guys. Enjoy. :)

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My Amazing Biffy experience in Tel Aviv 12.4.14!!

Had a nice chat with Ben and James! got a pick and a setlist that was signed by all three of them! and to top it all off this amazing selfie with Simon!!! 

Biffy Clyro & Aviv Geffen - End Of The World (Tel Aviv 12/4/14)

yourgloriouscrown asked:
Thank you so much for you comment on the machines-lyrics/depression post. If I could, I would bake two chocolate cakes and send them to you along a bottle of 12 year old scotch

Just calling it as I see it. It probably won’t change anything, but everyone deserves a rant now and again, haha.

Cake and scotch are literally two of my favourite things, I very much approve.

Biffy Clyro - 27 (Single Mix)

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Biffy Clyro - 27 (Single Mix)


Biffy Clyro interview on The One Percenters show, 13th March 2014


Biffy Clyro - Milky (HQ Vinyl Rip)

Thanks to biffyeatworldbacksundayatsix182 for the much higher quality rip than the existing Youtube version. There’s actually bass in this one.